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The chantry - the place where history happened 

The Chantry is the house that Edward Jenner owned from 1785 until his death in 1823. The house that you see today dates from 1740s. It is thought there has been a building here since at least the Anglo-Saxon period.


Following Jenner's death, The Chantry was sold by his descendants in 1876. In 1885 it was sold again to the Church of England. It then became the Vicarage for Berkeley, replacing the old vicarage where Edward Jenner had been born in 1749.  The Chantry remained the vicarage until it was purchased to house a museum to honour Jenner in the early 1980s. The Jenner Trust launched an appeal to raise funds to buy the house.


The encouragement and support of the British Society for Immunology and the World Health Organization played a significant role in obtaining donations from companies in the pharmaceutical and other sectors of industry. Success came largely because of a substantial donation from Mr Ryoichi Sasakawa of Japan. 



chantry exterior facadeDr jenner's house - the museum  

The Edward Jenner Museum at The Chantry opened to the public in 1985. A separate building that had once been Jenner's stables was converted to house a small conference centre. In 1996, two rooms on the first floor of The Chantry were converted into an exhibition of immunology. The museum had quietly but significantly changed its role.


Originally it had been primarily retrospective, looking back at the achievements of Edward Jenner himself and protecting the home in which he had worked. After 1996, the Edward Jenner Museum became proactive in promoting a public understanding of immunology, the science underlying Jenner's work and which developed from it.


In 2011, the name of the organisation was changed from The Edward Jenner Museum to 'Dr Jenner’s House and Garden, the Birthplace of Vaccination', to make it clear that this is a landmark building where Jenner lived and worked.


Dr Jenner’s House is owned and administered by The Jenner Trust, a registered charity (1158316). Its primary objectives are to preserve the property and its contents, to promote the knowledge of Jenner and his work and the science of immunology that resulted from it.


Displays and interpretation combine science and history for all learning levels to inspire all generations, particularly focusing on Jenner's greatest accomplishment - vaccination. Click the titles on the submenu to learn more about the beautiful gardens, what's on and what you will expect to see during a visit to Dr Jenner's House.









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